For the Love of Books


I’ve neglected writing this entire weekend, which was not my original plan. I wanted to go for a month streak of writing, or at least 14 days since they say it only takes two weeks to make a habit, but I didn’t succeed. So onto trying again! Today being day 1 – again.

This weekend I had a dear friend visit me who I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. It was a fantastic reunion and it got me thinking that one of the reasons I love her is because we are both in love with books and learning. It’s always wonderful to be in company of others who love what you love, in my case, writing, reading, learning, and books. One of my other very close friends who lives on the other side of the country, we’re also both in love with writing, reading and books, so growing up together we bonded over that and will most likely continue to do so.

I find it refreshing to spend my time with someone who has the same amount of passion over books that I do. My friend and I ended up in a used bookstore for the afternoon on Sunday, searching for books on our reading lists, browsing, blowing off dust from the top of old books that haven’t left the shelf in years, and drinking the free coffee that the owners left out for customers. It was an awesome afternoon and we became completely absorbed in the bookstore.

It’s moments like these that reiterate it’s helpful to continue to be in tune with the writing world, especially if – like me – you have a day job not related to writing in the least bit. It’s times like these that jog my memory to take a moment to slow down and listen to what I love most: the written word.

Well, it’s not really “listening” to what I love most, it’s more “reading” what I love most.

Regardless, it made me love books even more, just like every time I go to a bookstore. Reiterating the fact that I’m on a journey to write, and what’s helping me get there and what inspired me in the first place is the love of books.


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