Not Much Time

I’m writing for the sake of keeping up the writing habit – again. So this no doubt will be short. It was a busy day at work training the new person and then right into homework when I got home, which left no time to brainstorm for today’s post, let alone any sort of writing exercise. But I’ve come to terms with that. It is what it is and tomorrow is a new day.

Although, it’s days like these I wish there were more hours in the day to get things done. I wanted to get some work done too this evening, but no time for that since my homework is due tomorrow. My brain is almost completely exhausted to the point it can’t form sentences… so that’s a sure sign I’ve worked hard.

I’m giving myself a task for tomorrow’s post: come up with a list of ideas I can pull from in moments like this so I’m not struggling to find a topic to write about. Of course I won’t post it here, but I’ll have it handy when I need it. And now that I’ve declared a task for myself, it’ll be in the forefront of my mind so it will most likely get done.

Off to bed now, because my brain can’t take any more words.


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