I sit in a cube all day, hopeful to overhear interesting tid bits of people’s lives to weave into a story someday. Whenever something interesting catches my ear, I secretly take out my secret pink notebook and write down what I hear.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and wholeheartedly wish I could spend my days writing my stories and crafting my novels.

But because I have a lot going on like the rest of the world, and a regular full time job during the week, I’ve found it’s difficult to keep up with writing on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

So I’m hoping this space can become a sort of exploration for me and help me keep on track while figuring out what the writing life is like and what it means to be so attracted to the written word.

I generally don’t like talking about myself. Which is why I don’t want this space to be about me, me, and more me. Although I will probably throw in some random facts about myself every so often when necessary, I mostly want to focus on learning to write, learning to create a writing habit, and learning to balance so many different aspects of my life.

About Me

Not only do I hold a BA in English, but I’m currently going to school part time to get my paralegal certificate. I do consider myself a writer, but writing won’t pay my student loan debt and neither will being jobless while I sit at home and write and maybe get a book published. So, for now, I work in a cube 5 days a week at an insurance company (yawn), while I explore the possibility of become a paralegal because that interests me much more than my current job.

A little more about me personally… I like to knit things that range from hats to scarves to partially made socks. I occasionally sign up to run races because I like running. This also keeps be from being lazy all the time. I like to taste wine and then drink it, especially in the summer when the weather permits us New Englanders to sit outside on a porch. Baking cookies soothes me. I enjoy very spicy food; my favorite type of spicy is Mexican food spicy. And lastly, this blog would not be complete without my declaration of how much I love writing and, of course, reading books!

I reside in Connecticut with my husband and our loving but boisterous pug named Phineas. 

Happy Writing,

IMAG0098-1   20150823_160131

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Megan September 14, 2015 / 10:55 pm

    That blasted student loan debt….Luckily I’m still in school and don’t have to start paying on it yet, but that day is coming. 😦
    But on happier subjects…I think your about page looks great! It really gives a sense of who you are. I love your dog too! 🙂


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