I hold a BA in English and have a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. I currently work in life insurance legal/compliance, which is completely unrelated to writing.

However, I do consider myself a writer, it’s just that writing won’t pay my student loan debt/bills and neither will being jobless while I sit at home and write and maybe get something published. So, for now, I work by day and write by night (and on weekends).

A little more about me personally… I like to knit things that range from hats to scarves to partially made socks. Baking cookies soothes me. I get a little teary when I go into a large antique store. I enjoy very spicy food. I enjoy photographing nature. And lastly, this blog would not be complete without my declaration of how much I love writing and, of course, reading books. 

I reside in Connecticut with my husband and our loving but boisterous pug named Phineas. 

Happy Writing,

IMAG0339       IMAG0287


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Megan September 14, 2015 / 10:55 pm

    That blasted student loan debt….Luckily I’m still in school and don’t have to start paying on it yet, but that day is coming. 😦
    But on happier subjects…I think your about page looks great! It really gives a sense of who you are. I love your dog too! 🙂


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