Writing Break


I graduated!

I now officially have my Paralegal Certificate. In the making since the fall of 2015 (1 1/2 weeks after getting back from my tropical island honeymoon nonetheless). With the classes and what I learned still fresh in my mind, I updated my resume a few weeks ago and I realized how much I actually learned and know – it’s kinda cool!

But this post isn’t about paralegal studies, it’s about how I’ve had so much more time on my hands to write, now that I don’t have homework looming over my head every week and classes to attend on Saturday afternoon and Wednesday night.

I’ve recently been forcing myself to write a little bit at lunchtime every day. I found a smallish notebook that fits perfectly in my bag that I bring to work. I decided to see if I could concentrate on writing a page or two at work during lunchtime. Surprisingly, I got right in the zone despite sitting at my desk with work and deadlines looming just a foot away on my computer.

Side note: since posting last, I did not get a paralegal job, but got a new job at the company I’ve worked at for 6 years. It’s in a compliance related area. I still want to be a paralegal (who writes novels on the side of course!) but for now I’m happy where I’m at – and it’s only been 7 months. The point is, the pace is very different from my old job that I had for 5 ½ years. When the pace picks up it moves extremely fast, leaving almost no time to breathe (good practice for paralegal work though). Whereas at my old job, the pace was fast BUT more constant and not as rushed.

So that being said, I often find myself working through lunch more often than not and it’s difficult to pull away sometimes. I’ll admit, I’ve become more of a perfectionist over the years and find myself wanting to do everything and anything and all of it RIGHT the first time. And if I don’t get it right, I’m unnecessarily hard on myself and it eats away at me. Not the healthiest, I know, but that’s where writing comes in.

These past few weeks I’ve taken more time away from work at lunchtime than not. I turn my seat around to the non-computer portion of my desk, munch on my food and write a few pages in my notebook. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with that manuscript I’ve been wanting to write for years. The only way to get it done is make yourself write. I recently read in a writing magazine that you need to make time rather than find time. It’s forcing yourself to do it regardless of life’s circumstances rather than sitting and waiting to see if a good moment comes your way.

Now, if only I could keep up regularly with this writing blog… until next time whenever that may be.

Peace out.


Not Much Time

I’m writing for the sake of keeping up the writing habit – again. So this no doubt will be short. It was a busy day at work training the new person and then right into homework when I got home, which left no time to brainstorm for today’s post, let alone any sort of writing exercise. But I’ve come to terms with that. It is what it is and tomorrow is a new day.

Although, it’s days like these I wish there were more hours in the day to get things done. I wanted to get some work done too this evening, but no time for that since my homework is due tomorrow. My brain is almost completely exhausted to the point it can’t form sentences… so that’s a sure sign I’ve worked hard.

I’m giving myself a task for tomorrow’s post: come up with a list of ideas I can pull from in moments like this so I’m not struggling to find a topic to write about. Of course I won’t post it here, but I’ll have it handy when I need it. And now that I’ve declared a task for myself, it’ll be in the forefront of my mind so it will most likely get done.

Off to bed now, because my brain can’t take any more words.

For the Love of Books


I’ve neglected writing this entire weekend, which was not my original plan. I wanted to go for a month streak of writing, or at least 14 days since they say it only takes two weeks to make a habit, but I didn’t succeed. So onto trying again! Today being day 1 – again.

This weekend I had a dear friend visit me who I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. It was a fantastic reunion and it got me thinking that one of the reasons I love her is because we are both in love with books and learning. It’s always wonderful to be in company of others who love what you love, in my case, writing, reading, learning, and books. One of my other very close friends who lives on the other side of the country, we’re also both in love with writing, reading and books, so growing up together we bonded over that and will most likely continue to do so.

I find it refreshing to spend my time with someone who has the same amount of passion over books that I do. My friend and I ended up in a used bookstore for the afternoon on Sunday, searching for books on our reading lists, browsing, blowing off dust from the top of old books that haven’t left the shelf in years, and drinking the free coffee that the owners left out for customers. It was an awesome afternoon and we became completely absorbed in the bookstore.

It’s moments like these that reiterate it’s helpful to continue to be in tune with the writing world, especially if – like me – you have a day job not related to writing in the least bit. It’s times like these that jog my memory to take a moment to slow down and listen to what I love most: the written word.

Well, it’s not really “listening” to what I love most, it’s more “reading” what I love most.

Regardless, it made me love books even more, just like every time I go to a bookstore. Reiterating the fact that I’m on a journey to write, and what’s helping me get there and what inspired me in the first place is the love of books.


I like to think many authors have journaled in their lifetime, or currently journal. Personal or professional journaling, it doesn’t matter, but journaling nonetheless. Just to keep up with the daily writing habit.

I have kept a journal since I was a small child, maybe the early years of grade school. I remember picking out a pink journal with a teddy bear on it at a book fair in grade school and then going home to write in it every day. Each day was sectioned out by a pink line, with two lines on a page totaling three days per page. I would write about my day and what I did, mostly nonsense. This daily habit continued throughout the years.

By the time Jr. High rolled around , I had graduated from the daily “Dear Diary” entry to writing multiple times a day in a notebook or store bought journal. During this time and into High School I gradually switched from sticker decorated notebooks to store bought journals, feeling the non-notebooks had a more “sophisticated” factor to them.

Once college rolled around I wanted to chronicle every day, every class, and every moment outside of and in between, but unfortunately, my daily writing habit waned and my journaling suffered while my school work took place.

Side note: for those of you who don’t know, I was an English major in college so reading and writing were essentially my life in college.

So now, current day, I’m trying to pick up the habit again to write in my journal on a daily basis. I think it will be helpful for me to create the daily writing habit while I’m writing the daily blog posts as well. I’m not anticipating writing multiple times a day like I used to “back in the day” but I at least want to do a paragraph at the end of each day to reinforce the habit.

I’m starting today and seeing how many days I can do in a row. Wish me luck!

Happy long weekend!

For the Sake of Writing


What do you do when you don’t know what to write? Do you stop or keep going and write whatever comes out? This is what I’m struggling with right at this moment. For the sake of creating a daily writing habit I’m here typing out a blog post on nothing specific, but to just write.

I have a few writing exercise books that I could put to use here, write random fiction or non-fiction just to keep up the habit in the future. I think I’ve only used the books a few times so it’d be nice to put them to use.

But this isn’t a blog for fiction/non-fiction writing excerpts, it’s to get myself out there as a writer and hopefully establish some sort of online presence in the writing world. All the while writing my story. So I’ll try to keep those to a minimum.

I almost didn’t sit down to write this. I thought to myself, I don’t have anything to write about so why write? Then I second guessed myself and said, yes, I need to do it in order to kick the habit of NOT doing it.

So, I think I can say that day 4 of writing daily is complete!