As a writer, I’ve often wondered if other writers constantly think about their characters, story line, and ways to write sentences.

I want to say I’m constantly thinking about writing my story (or stories) in particular, but in reality I’m only doing this part of the time. I have to diligently use my other time completing daily functions like working, sleeping, and playing with my pug (or rather, keeping him out of trouble).

When I’m not carrying out my required daily functions (god I sound like a robot), I’m either driving, eating, listening to music, failing at sleeping, cleaning… the list goes on. And during this time, I’m thinking about what my character would do in certain situations, how the story might unfold, what scene I want to write, what scene I’ve already written. Sometimes my story doesn’t even cross my mind, but rather about how to phrase a sentence or how a certain smell would be described.

Just today I thought how to word a sentence about what fresh copier paper feels and smells like. I pick up fresh paper from a giant office printer every day. What made me think of this today I have no idea. It’s possible I was thinking about writing and in that moment as I walked to the printer, waiting for my paper to emerge, I thought about how to write it.

I mean, c’mon. EVERYONE thinks like that, right?

When my husband and I travel in the car together and the trip is more than a few minutes, I’m sitting in silence more often than not. And during this silence I watch the world pass. Even if I’ve been down the road 100 times, I still find my mind wandering into random thoughts of how to describe a car ride, or how to describe a winter day, or setting a scene at a hot dog stand I’ve been past 1000 times.

No kid: I drove past a hot dog stand, a taco stand, and a BBQ stand for 5 years on my way to and from work every day. All on the same road. The BBQ smelled especially delicious and the taco stand had giant chili mascot. The hot dogs were only breakfast hot dogs; not open in the afternoon (I suspect this place generally catered to nighttime truck drivers).

My point being, I think about writing a lot and have done so for a long time.  I’d be curious to hear what other writers think about, and if I’m the only weirdo out there thinking about how copier paper smells.


Note: the picture of copier paper at the top is NOT mine. I only say this because when I use a photo, I use only my photos. I just really wanted a boring looking picture of copier paper, because I don’t go around at work taking pictures of paper. That would be creepy.


Photography 101: Day 12 – Architecture

I’m real behind this week on my Photography 101 photos. Ah! I’m going to make every effort to take the remainder of the photos tomorrow and Saturday.

Day 12 was architecture. I was finally able to capture a picture today before the sun went down.

I think cities are awesome because of all the buildings and how they seamlessly run into one another when you look at them at certain angles. Here is a view from above where I stand every day while I wait for the bus to bring me home.

Photography 101: Landmark

Here are my landmark theme pictures from earlier this week. I wasn’t able to get a picture of this landmark during the week due to the fact it’s dark when I get home from work and I was unable to get to the place before work.

This landmark is something sort of “famous” in the town I live in – because we’re proud of our frogs. Hence, the Frog Bridge.

We love frogs because of a story long ago that had to do with the early settlers. Apparently, the early townspeople awoke one evening to hear this terrible sound coming from the woods. Some thought it was because the British were invading, some thought it was Doomsday. The brave men from the town went to investigate (got on their horses, etc.) and found a bunch of frogs lying dead in a pond after searching around all night. And the surrounding towns didn’t let our town forget it (i.e. lets poke fun at those silly people who think the end of the world is here because of frogs dying in a pond). Eventually, we embraced the frogs and they’re EVERYWHERE:

Frogs on the town seal.
Frogs on the local brewery’s beer mugs.
Frog Bridge.
Frog symbols strategically placed throughout the town.

It’s pretty neat I think. Enjoy the pictures.

They sit atop giant spools of thread because at one point, our town manufactured thread. Hence the nickname, Thread City.
They sit atop giant spools of thread because at one point, our town manufactured thread. Hence the nickname, Thread City.
They don't normally wear scarves. But I suppose the frogs get chilly too while watching over the city.
They don’t normally wear scarves. But I suppose the frogs get chilly too while watching over the city.

Photography 101: Day 10 – Mystery

Day 10 (yesterday actually) was Mystery.

The first snowfall (really, a half inch) surprised me on Friday morning. Once again, I found myself taking too many pictures on my short walk to the bus stop. I almost missed the bus. I ended up running to it when I saw it coming down the road. But I just HAD to get the picture!

My apartment building is right next to an abandoned gas station. As I passed by I thought, YES–this is the subject for the mystery theme.

Let me know what you think!

I was able to get my Landmark pictures taken this morning. I’ll post those later.