Photography 101: Day 9 – Warmth

Day 9 is Warmth.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I enjoy mornings because they are peaceful and bring a sense of solitude. I also enjoy the light morning brings with it each day.

On my way to work this morning, I reminded myself to look UP and notice where the light is hitting the buildings.



This particular building had the morning sunlight on it and brightened the brown color of the building and added a softened glow to it in a way. I just hope the picture captured what I was seeing!


Photography 101: Day 8 – The Natural World

Day 8 is The Natural World.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures for this post. I love pictures of the outdoors. There isn’t much to see as far as nature goes where I work in the city, but where I live is a different story. I was able to snap a bunch of photos of the wild brush and scenery on my way to the bus stop this morning. It was a little foggy out and surprisingly warm for November in New England.

Here’s a few. I hope you enjoy.


It wasn’t until after I uploaded this picture from my phone to edit it a bit did I realize one branch had entwined itself with another. Do you see?


Leaves on pavement.
Leaves on pavement.

Side note on why I skipped Day 6: there is a landmark I absolutely NEED to take a picture of. I tried yesterday when I got home from work, but it was too dark to capture. I’m unable to get to it in the morning when it’s light out (damn this 8-5 job!!). I’m definitely going to get an awesome picture of it this weekend. It’s absolutely something I want to share.

Photography 101: Day 6 – Connect

Day 6 is connect. This was difficult for me but I did my best.

I saw a broken window on my way to the bus stop this afternoon and thought, this broken window connects the outside to the inside. Connecting is sort of making or allowing something that wasn’t there before, right? A little bit like letting someone in.

A stretch on the theme connect but hey, I like it.



Photography 101: Weekend 1

Late this morning I went on a walk with my pug puppy (Phineas) and my fiance. We took Phinny to the airplane trail (a paved trail next to the small airport in our town) and walked the length and back.

I really enjoy going on this trail. Sometimes I run there and sometimes we take our pug there. It’s a peaceful place, situated next to a lake. I snapped some photos thinking they would be great for this weekend’s post.

There were a few swans hanging out in the lake. I tried to get an up-close shot of two of them. Surprisingly the photo came out okay since you can tell they are swans!