Writing Break


I graduated!

I now officially have my Paralegal Certificate. In the making since the fall of 2015 (1 1/2 weeks after getting back from my tropical island honeymoon nonetheless). With the classes and what I learned still fresh in my mind, I updated my resume a few weeks ago and I realized how much I actually learned and know – it’s kinda cool!

But this post isn’t about paralegal studies, it’s about how I’ve had so much more time on my hands to write, now that I don’t have homework looming over my head every week and classes to attend on Saturday afternoon and Wednesday night.

I’ve recently been forcing myself to write a little bit at lunchtime every day. I found a smallish notebook that fits perfectly in my bag that I bring to work. I decided to see if I could concentrate on writing a page or two at work during lunchtime. Surprisingly, I got right in the zone despite sitting at my desk with work and deadlines looming just a foot away on my computer.

Side note: since posting last, I did not get a paralegal job, but got a new job at the company I’ve worked at for 6 years. It’s in a compliance related area. I still want to be a paralegal (who writes novels on the side of course!) but for now I’m happy where I’m at – and it’s only been 7 months. The point is, the pace is very different from my old job that I had for 5 ½ years. When the pace picks up it moves extremely fast, leaving almost no time to breathe (good practice for paralegal work though). Whereas at my old job, the pace was fast BUT more constant and not as rushed.

So that being said, I often find myself working through lunch more often than not and it’s difficult to pull away sometimes. I’ll admit, I’ve become more of a perfectionist over the years and find myself wanting to do everything and anything and all of it RIGHT the first time. And if I don’t get it right, I’m unnecessarily hard on myself and it eats away at me. Not the healthiest, I know, but that’s where writing comes in.

These past few weeks I’ve taken more time away from work at lunchtime than not. I turn my seat around to the non-computer portion of my desk, munch on my food and write a few pages in my notebook. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with that manuscript I’ve been wanting to write for years. The only way to get it done is make yourself write. I recently read in a writing magazine that you need to make time rather than find time. It’s forcing yourself to do it regardless of life’s circumstances rather than sitting and waiting to see if a good moment comes your way.

Now, if only I could keep up regularly with this writing blog… until next time whenever that may be.

Peace out.


My National Novel Writing Month

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, and a crazy busy month or two, so I haven’t had the time to write those two pages of character development I’ve wanted to write. It’s still on my To Do list though…

School has taken up more time than I thought it would and I feel like sometimes I barely even have time to sleep. The class is winding down now that it’s in the last couple of weeks. I have two Saturdays off in between this class and the next term of 10 week classes in November, which I’m trying to keep as open as possible to relax or just spend time with my husband.

Funny thing: we got married less than 3 months ago, but I pretty much only spend time with him for a few hours on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday (Tuesday is his day off). I feel like we should be spending more time together now that we’re married, but maybe it’s supposed to be this way. Who knows!

But really, it has been a BIT frustrating not having the time to spend with one another, so I’m hoping to use those two Saturdays to do something special or just bum around the apartment together watching movies with our pug.

On a writing note: I’m thinking of participating NaNoWriMo this year. I tried it two years ago, and didn’t “win”, so I want to see if I have enough juice to try it again with a new idea that’s been festering in my brain for a year (the one I’m supposed to write the two pages of character development for).

I also tried WRITING my novel in a notebook, which I normally love to do, but it totally slowed me down, and possibly my primary reason of not winning two years ago.

I just might. I just might do it. I like challenges. It’s the perfect time too: first two weeks of November include very little homework scheduled since it’s the end of my first class, no class for the following two weeks, and the last few days of the month I start my next class. My point being, it will be a very light month on the school work front, so this might just be the year I prove to myself I can write those 50,000+ words down (or is it 70,000 words? – I can’t remember).

Who else is gearing up for National Novel Writing Month?? Do you do anything to prepare for it? Or do you just let the words come out as fast as they can?